Uber reveals passenger and driver data to state authorities

On request of California public utilities commission uber has disclosed details of 5 million passengers and 300,000 drivers last year. The disclosure is called transparency report. CPUC is the regulatory agency for taxis and on-demand transportation.. Uber revealed data on request of airport authorities which led to the disclosure of 1.6 million passenger details and 156,000 driver details. The company totally received 34 requests from airports of various cities including An Jose Oakland and San Francisco.

The company received data request from law enforcement agencies for details of 408 passengers and 205 drivers across the country. The law enforcement requested data to catch criminals who were using stolen credit cards. The request from this agency were mostly about the pick-up location, destination and time of journey The data revelation is also done by Google and facebook along with some 60 tech companies. Uber accepts around 32 percent of data request and partially revealed data for 53 percent request and 15 percent were withdrawn or resulted in no data.

Uber stated that it tries to narrow the request made by authorities in releasing the data. But the issue arises when a company refuses to data the authorities have the right to even shut down the company.The data privacy rights were not given much attention until the recent tu-off between apple and FBI. Both them had issues over providing backend access to apple phone of the mass killer. This has created the debate over how much data should be revealed to state authorities.

Uber files patent right for surge pricing

Surge pricing in ride-hailing services is disliked by all of its users. However uber will not be removing it any time soon. The company has introduced a feature where the user has to enter the surge price factor before hailing the taxi. This makes sure that the user is aware of the rise in price. The company has also got patent rights over this feature.The patent filed in 2013 has five inventors from the company listed CEO Travis Klavanick director of design Shalin Amin director of engineering Curtis Chambers, Engineering site lead Ryan Mckillen and former head of product Mina Radhakrishnan.Though this feature has patent rights looks similar to old Gmail labs feature that made late night weekend mailers to do math problems to make sure they were not sending it when drunk.

The main reason to introduce this feature was to make sure that thee suers were aware of the rise in price. According to the company, price rise is to bring more drivers on road during times of high demand. The high demand period is generally when most people come out of the bar late nights or early mornings. The surge price goes up to 10 times as high as the original price. On New Year eve many riders took to social media to complain the heavy price of uber. Some rider’s complain that hundreds of dollars were charged for a ride and a woman even went for crowd funding to pay her $362 ride on Halloween night.

Uber faces stiff competition in china

China is Uber’s second biggest market next to USA. However uber is not running on profits here due to heavy competition from local taxi hailing service Didi kuaidi. The ride hailing company faces trouble in almost all the nations it has entered, regulatory issue, tax compliance, safety concerns and local players’ uber has ventured all the rough waters. But market share has been rising for uber for the past one year and the growth rate in china is higher than in USA. The companies do not agree on the market share number. Uber claims it has 35 percent share and Didi Kuaidi claims that they hold only 16 percent while it holds 83 percent. Didi Kuaidi has raised 1.5 billion which will increase its valuation to $25 billion.

Both the companies are burning cash to gain dominance in the Chinese market. Didi kuaidi is the merged entity of two companies namely Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, the losses incurred by them are $305 million and $266 million respectively in the year 2015. Uber has lost $1 billion in china and their CEO said the company is ready to lose $1 billion for $8 billion potential market. Uber rivals have to come together globally to form an alliance against it. America’s Lyft, china’s Didi kuaidi , India’s Ola and Grabttaxi of southeast Asia provide service to their customers across the globe. For example a person travelling from India to USA can use his/her Ola app to book a Lyft taxi there.

The recognized firm for the accountants

Uber the leading ride sharing company gives the opportunity for car owners to earn money as a driver working in flexible shifts as and when they require. This idea of doing business was the base for developing an app to calculate the taxes.Ricky Lavina was an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers; it is one of the leading firms in bookkeeping and financial consulting. He planned to become a partner of the firm after working there for four years. He wished to have a pathway that connects the accountant with the people who find it difficult to fill their tax forms. This lead to the development of the online app, that helps in filing the taxes. Ricky’s Tickmark is a startup that helps the people to file their taxes through Taxfyle, a mobile application that turns the certified public accountant (CPA) firm.

Apple named it as the best application in the App Store. The person who wants to file his tax can send their basic details and the pictures of the tax documents in Taxfyle. This will connect you with the CPA who files the tax and they ask certain questions. Lavina said that Taxfyle is an efficient mobile app that completes the assigned job within twenty four hours. There are 300 Certified public accounts available for service and the submission of tax details take place in a minute and ninety seconds for the CPA to accept the request and the complete paperwork ends in a day. It costs forty nine dollars to file a tax and addition of deductions cost hundred dollars. And they even provide audit protection for three years and charge three dollars. Because of the demand by customers to maintain bookkeeping, Taxfyle is the future of the certified public accountant firm.

Job opportunity for female drivers

The Chariot for Women is the new ride sharing company started on April 19th, 2016 Michael Pelletz. The company is set up all through the United States.After many complaints about rape and sexual assaults on Uber, many women feared to ride a cab even when they had to. This problem is sort-out by the new car hailing company called the Chariot for women. This new company has only female drivers, and they give rides only to women and boys under the age of thirteen. The company has an agreement with thousand drivers as of now. And the price is similar to other car hailing companies but they do not follow the surge price. The idea of female drivers by the new company gives rise to several queries regarding the gender discrimination. The Employment lawyers in a recent report to Boston Globe said that the idea by the Chariot of Women will face legal issues.

But the Massachusetts State Legislature in late 90’s gave exception to the gender discrimination law to have a women only health club in Healthworks.The founder of Health care tech Iodine, Thomas Goetz said in a column that Chariot for Women’s step against the legal issue can gain more attraction for the public, because there are several entities that cross legal norms. For example the social media network FaceBook crossed the law on privacy for its user. Airbnb the rental company violated the zoning issue and other legal issues, and in case of Uber, it is well known for its violations to venture its market worldwide. And there are online sports websites that cross boundaries by a million dollars.

Uber Agrees Car Rental Deal With South Africa’s WesBank

WesBank is considered to be the largest institution in South Africa for its service of giving car loans. It has teamed-up with many other motor industry stakeholders to deliver vehicle funds.Uber, an online ride hailing company agrees for a 200 million deal with WesBank, which is considered to be a finance provider for vehicles, providing cars to drivers, who don’t have the capability to buy a new car.Many people cannot able to get car loans as they have bad credit history.

This provides the facility for these people to rent a car, even if they are incapable of getting traditional loans. WesBank chief executive announced that most of the car loans are getting rejected in South Africa.WesBank regain the loan from the money, which Uber drivers collect from their passengers, which will reduce the risk. The amount, which drivers pay, will be depending on the amount of business they do.Uber provides its customers with a facility to get a taxi with a single swipe in their smartphones, instead of booking for a taxi or waiting in the roadside.

Uber also provides the facility for the drivers from local car companies to connect with passengers who like to travel in a cheaper cost by means of a GPS based app.FirtRand’s group of business development will educate the drivers to run their own business and provides money to WesBank in the case of unpaid car loans. It is also raising 20 million for the initial 1000 cars.


Uber is now available in Windsor

Uber, the most successful and overrated ride sharing service is now available in the Canadian city Windsor. After a lot of considerations and discussions, the city mayor Drew Dilkens has finally allowed the service to operate simply because he feels it would contribute to the city’s economy. He also thinks Uber would not be a threat and disrupt the local taxi drivers’ lives. According to the Canadian laws, Uber must abide by the city’s laws and cannot operate under the business model. Also, it must not pose threat to the city or the local services that are already operating.  Taxi companies can start your own Uber like app with dectars Taxi dispatch software – http://www.dectar.com/taxi-dispatch-software

Uber has been very successful in various cities across Canada, especially in Detroit. The city has had a successful relationship with the company worth $50 billion dollars. So far, it has never faced any controversial problems and crisis. The company’s smart phone app has already been downloaded by the locals of Windsor which marks the grand opening for it.

Uber, the ride sharing company would also boost the job economy rate in the city and its good news to the locals who are aspiring to be drivers. It also provides an opportunity to people who own cars but got no profit off it. Uber would soon be implementing new features and deals to the locals of Windsor in order to grab more attraction from the Canadians. The local taxi drivers whose lives depend on the daily wages are already feeling the heat from the company. Let us hope Uber doesn’t spoil the race for them and play a fair game.

uber calgary

Uber suspends its service in Calgary as court demanded for temporary

Uber suspends its service as it receives an order from a court to stop the company drivers from operating on Calgary streets.This will be sad news for Calgarians, so Uber general manager conveyed that they will take action to bring back its service again in the city soon.City officials are alerting the public and the passengers saying about the consequences they have to face using the ride sharing service.Justice told the city officials to be aware of the city’s position. City lawyers will seek orders until the insurance, safety and many other requirements are fulfilled.
If anyone tends to break the order, then they will be brought in front of the court for neglecting the court orders.

The city stated that the drivers were operating without having a license and insurance, so soon city will be launching a program to catch people who offer fares through the service. 57 people were caught through this program. The city has also charged 19 people for their offences.The superintendent of insurance came with an idea to ban the insurance, which Uber drivers require in the city and the insurance industry is moving further to bring out this policy soon in the city.On the month of May city council opened its door for the Uber service to continue in the city. This gives an opportunity for Uber to compete with other traditional taxis by means of its Smartphone apps. The city also announced the Uber taxi drivers that they will be fined if they find anyone getting fares.

good or bad

Is Uber good or bad? The debate never seems to end

The famous online ride hailing company is a massive hit across the globe; it is now an inspiration to many local online transportation network services looking forward to shine in the modern digital era. However, Uber worth $50 billion has an equal amount of fame and controversies which makes many critics to raise questions on their credibility. The critics say it is just a money making mega mind and another so called “fraudulent service”. The company’s growth has been phenomenal over the years. It does feel-good campaigns in order to restore its lost fame during crisis. Market revenue has always been record-breaking compared to the other local transportation network services. Now that the service has reached to all the countries, the Uber drivers are competing with each other.

The local taxi drivers whose lives depend on the daily wages feel a lot intimidated by the Uber service. However, the company’s Chief Executive Officer feels there is still a room left for the service to grow stronger. When there are around 20,000 cars for Uber to operate in Manhattan, only 3,000 taxis operate in the city. At this point, a lot of questions would have been raised within yourselves. But, Uber never seems to give proper answers to the controversial questions. The service is illegally operating in many countries despite the ban by the governments. Many Uber drivers are having a tough time with very less amount of money they make off the service. Uber says it gives 20 percent of commission to its drivers, but it would never be sufficient when they have got a lot of taxes to take care.

Inaccessible taxis, discontent drivers and many other controversies make Uber seem like an unregulated black-market ride hailing service. The Critics say the Uber service would not grow stronger forever and would soon face a fall in the industry. Uber’s actual worth still remains a mystery to all of us.


Uber pays a tribute to the veterans

Uber is the most famous online transportation network company in many cities across the globe. It is also famous for a lot of controversies as well, and the company does many feel good campaigns to restore its lost fame. It offers free rides at times of crisis and other deals that would always fetch back its lost users.  The so called “people’s company” has already launched puppy delivery campaigns and offered free rides to football matches to win people’s hearts. It certainly did grab a lot of attention from the diehard football fans during the home season.

Recently, the online ride hailing company offered a tribute to the veterans on the Veteran’s Day by offering free rides to the veterans riding to job interviews. This was previously implemented by Uber’s close rival, Lyft. Sounds like some serious politics going around, eh? Nevertheless, the deals helped out people in an extensive way and grabbed huge attention for their services.

Also, Uber asked its existing users to donate $5 to homeless vets, very generous of it! The twitter was flooded with praises for Uber’s generous act and its local rivals felt even more heat from the company worth $50 billion. The act of generousness went terribly wrong when the company cleverly mentioned some part of the donation would go toward the processing fee in the bill print. The famous company that is worth billions of dollars is sure a money making mega mind, no doubt about that!